Why Did Hillary Clinton Catch Pneumonia?


Pneumonia is not just an infection that preys upon presidential candidates. It is a serious illness that can affect people of any age. College professors, stay at home moms, high school students and toddlers alike, can all contract pneumonia. That being said, most healthy people do not catch pneumonia. The major risk factor that increases your chances of catching pneumonia is a weakened immune system, which leaves you more susceptible to viruses and bacterial infections.

What is the real reason Hillary Clinton caught pneumonia?  Her health was in her blind spot and she was ignoring her body’s most basic and crucial needs. With her focus on winning the White House, she neglected the most important person in her life…herself. Her lack of self-care ended in a health crisis and a wakeup call.  

Whole health cultivation, not just the healing or curing of disease, is the main focus of the mindfulness practice of Chinese medicine. The goal is for each person to create and sustain their unlimited health potential so they can fulfill their life’s purpose.

For so many women and men, it often takes a health crisis such as a total collapse, a car accident, disc herniation, onset of an immune condition, anxiety or depression to get them to pay attention.

The conditions that led Hillary Clinton to catch pneumonia were not particularly life threatening; in fact, prolonged sleep deprivation, constant stress, emotional duress and diet (not just what she ate, but when) are what eventually did her in.

Ignoring a persistent cough, not sleeping and instead “powering through” are very destructive habits.

Making your health a priority will require a big paradigm shift.

The requirement is a willingness to shift from a “broken and fix” model to a longevity model, not only prevention but strength. It is a commitment and investment in our health.

What makes this shift difficult is that most people believe they already have a healthy lifestyle, the evidence being that they are not currently sick.

As a culture we are taught that sacrifice and putting others needs before our own are more important because they make us a good person. Self care as a value is considered selfish.

The truth is if you are not taking care of yourself first, you cannot be your absolute best, and then what you give to the people you love is just leftovers.

What does Hillary Clinton need to do to get her health back in time to be the next President of our country?

As my patient, Hillary and I would work together using ancient healing arts of acupuncture, herbal medicine, diet and energy balancing.

Acupuncture together with herbal medicine, diet and energy balancing results in having deeper levels of sleep, better digestion, mental clarity and focus. Our goal would be to help strengthen her immune system so that her natural healing abilities will do what they do best, so she can be whole and healthy to fulfill her life’s purpose.

She would learn how to listen to her body and be proactive in seeking help.

Taking care of you is the highest service and most generous thing you can do for others because you will have more of you to give.

Hillary if you are reading this…are you up to making the paradigm shift? What is stopping you?