The difference between Chinese medicine and Western medicine is the model. 

The Western model focuses on killing the pathogen in the body. The body is the battle ground.

The Chinese medicine model emphasizes strengthening and directing the body to overcome the pathogen. This is how the body naturally works.

Chinese herbal medicine has been used for thousands of years and has been documented, this is known as empirical evidence. Chinese medicinal formulas are chosen based on a pattern that manifests with the individuals presentation. Choosing the formula/s that will match the person constitutionally. Effectiveness of treatment will depend on several factors: the constitution of the person, their health history, lifestyle and habits, and how long the pathogen has been present. 

Chinese medicine says that you have the ability to heal yourself. You are not broken, you just need some help. 

Tsao holds a master's degree in Oriental Medicine from TSCA and is board certified in Chinese Herbal Medicine by NCCAOM. She has completed additional post graduate training in Kampo, Japanese herbal medicine, at the Kampo Institute. 

Herbal medicine involves the use of plants and minerals in their raw and natural form. Minimal processing ensures that plants and minerals will retain their maximum medicinal potential. Chinese herbal remedies use the underlying principles of Yin and Yang within the body to create formulas or recipes that assist the body’s self healing process. Food is also a medicine and dietary modification may be used in herbal medicine treatment programs.

Because Chinese herbal remedies are very powerful, we give careful consideration to each condition and circumstance in determining appropriate use.