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Ancient Secret Wisdom
Broadcast weekly on Tribeca radio, Ancient Secret Wisdom is an internet radio show about the ancient healing arts and wisdom of East Asia. Each show is a journey into the wisdom of Chinese medicine exploring how it can help you discover your optimal state of well being. For broadcasting times go to:

Listen to some of the previous shows:

Adrenal Exhaustion
Healthy Lifestyles radio show: Many people have no idea that the underlying causes of anxiety and stress as well as other illness comes from adrenal exhaustion.

Healthy Lifestyles radio show: Why are allergies more prevalent than today than ever before? What you can do strengthen your immune system.

Ancient Secret Wisdom – Intro
Intro to Chinese medicine and its various branches.

Ancient Secret Wisdom – Qi Gong
Guest Marshall Wood, L.Ac., MSOM; Martial arts practitioner of Bagua discusses the internal forms of martial arts and its role in Chinese medicine.

Ancient Secret Wisdom – Chinese Herbal Medicine
Guest Thomas Leung R.Ph, L.Ac., 3rd generation Herbalist, proprietor of the oldest Chinese herbal pharmacy in New York discusses role of Chinese herbs and Western pharmaceuticals.

Ancient Secret Wisdom – Fertility
Guest Meg Richichi L.Ac., Fertility specialist and Wellness consultant discusses the role of Chinese medicine and its success for women and men trying to have a baby.

Ancient Secret Wisdom – Facial Rejuvenation
Guest Virginia Doran L.Ac., credited as bringing the secrets of facial rejuvenation to the West. The benefits of the ancient technique of non-surgical facelift are discussed.