Wishing you Health and Prosperity in the New Year! 恭喜发财

Red Lanterns light the way for a the start of the New Year!

Red Lanterns light the way for a the start of the New Year!

This Chinese New Year is the Year of the Earth Pig!

The zodiac signs have a 12 year cycle and each cycle will correlate to one of 5 elements (Wood, Fire, Metal, Earth and Water).

When, where and how you were born in relation to the cosmos will have an influence on your health and to a large degree your destiny. Similar to western astrology there are characteristics for each zodiac.

The choices you make determine your destiny and this is especially true with your health destiny!

For the western culture, having attributes of a pig is not considered a nice compliment.

But according to the Chinese Zodiac, the attributes of the Earth Pig, are quite positive.

Pigs are the symbol of wealth and prosperity!

They are extremely kind and thoughtful in nature and are sensible and realistic. The Earth Pig will go to great lengths to please people and are great hosts. They are kind and generous, peacemakers and have integrity. Earth pigs are social, they care about others and have a positive attitude bringing cheer to those around them. They enjoy living life to the fullest.

Earth pigs are strong minded, once they have made their mind up to do something no one can stop them from achieving their goal. Because of their positivity even when they experience setbacks they can recover quickly. Pigs love spending their money and celebrating. They are very trusting and sometimes people will take advantage of this quality; pigs are also forgiving and move on.

Pigs tend to have robust health, but can be susceptible to indulging in rich foods and taking it easy which can lead to weight gain and other health conditions.

No matter what your zodiac sign is you can incorporate some of the positive aspects of the Earth pig.

Wishing everyone health, wealth and prosperity for the new year!

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