Relief for Chronic Neck and Shoulder Pain

Why are my tight neck and shoulder muscles constantly tight no matter what I do?

This is a great question!

 “It’s like an extra layer of heavy clothing on my shoulders making it difficult to move. I try shrugging and rolling my neck to shake the feeling off. The dull achiness is annoying and it is hard to concentrate. I sometimes wake up in the middle of the night feeling the tightness in my neck and my jaw is clenched. Often I wake with a dull headache. I’m easily irritated and frequently get headaches in the afternoon.”


The answer is that you are in a holding pattern from a stress-response feedback loop!

For those of you who have experienced acupuncture in my office know that I don’t just treat “muscle” pain, but address the “whole” person and the holding pattern/s that create a negative feedback loop causing so much trouble.

Chronic of neck and shoulder pain is one of the most common holding patterns that people experience from a stress-response feedback loop. It is chronic because it is recurring and persistent.

A stress-response feedback loop involves the (physiology) muscles, (chemicals & hormones) emotional, (circulation) energetic parts of the body that continuously relay messages in a holding pattern which in this case manifests as neck and shoulder tension.

Stretching, massage, chiropractic, muscle relaxers and yoga offer some relief but will only last for a day or two sometimes as short as a couple hours then the neck and shoulders start to tense again.

The reason relief is short lived is because other therapies go after the symptoms and not the deeper underlying pattern.

A Long-Lasting Solution to Chronic Neck and Shoulder Pain with Acupuncture

My approach with acupuncture is extremely effective at treating chronic neck and shoulder pain because I take into account the many layers that make up a person’s experience and how it shows up in their body in the form of pain and other symptoms.  I emphasize awareness so you can actively participate in promoting a better health model for yourself.

You may think “neck pain” is not that important and it will go away with some ibuprofen: that it’s not really an issue. Because you can experience some relief.

But the truth is once it is part of a pattern it is difficult to break and will persist literally becoming a “pain in the neck!” This pain pattern becomes the default way of being and the body is unable recognize what balance is and shift into a state of wellness.

I can help you with this.  All you have to do is take action.

Commit to a healthier and balanced state of wellness by breaking the holding pattern of ignoring your pain!

By committing to getting some regular acupuncture, we can access the deeper levels of healing and interrupt the habitual patterns of a stress-response feedback loop. You can then experience relaxation, healing, balance and optimal health.

You will feel 1,000 times better!

If you’d like to experience relieve from chronic neck and shoulder pain with acupuncture set up an appointment today.