How’s it feel getting older?

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If there is one thing we all have in common, it’s that we are getting older.

But what we don’t have to have in common is the aging of our bodies or minds. We don’t have to feel older - or even look older for that matter!

The problem is, we think we have more time. When we think about our health we draw from our experience and attitude of our 18, 20, 25 or even 30 year old self. Here is where we have ignored the truth of how and what we have been doing to be healthy and what we need to be focusing on as a priority. In some cases we have been in complete ignorance, but it is never too late to take charge of your health destiny.

Do a simple scan for yourself. Have you put these issues in the bucket of “normal” as you get older?”

●    Lower energy
●    Easily run-down
●    Feeling like you’re playing “catch-up”
●    Gaining weight
●    Skin sagging
●    Digestion issues
●    Low stamina
●    Lack of libido
●    Depression
●    Moodiness
●    Forgetfulness
●    Feeling of joy sucked out of your life
●    Aches and pains
●    Arthritis
●    Menopause symptoms
●    Loneliness
●    Alienated/disconnected from society

There are three categories that people fall into with regard to aging. The first is thinking there is nothing you can do about getting old, so you plan on and accept the decay. The second is grabbing for the latest fad in exercise, diet, quick fix, magic pill or surgery and hope that science and technology will figure out how to reverse aging. The third category is the individual that consciously chooses to shift their paradigm of health. 

The problem is most people fall into categories one and two. Unfortunately, as a society we tend to accept that aging happens.  We think, “I’m getting old and it’s out of my control, so what am I supposed to do?” 

This feeling of being out of control - accepting “fate,” as we label it - causes us to lose all hope and come to expect that it’s normal to succumb to the ailments of getting older.

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Are you surprised to learn that none of these symptoms/feelings are “normal,” even as we get older?! 

No matter what your age, you CAN have:

➔    High energy
➔    A slim and beautiful body
➔    Smooth, wrinkle-free skin
➔    Great digestion
➔    Long-term stamina
➔    A high libido
➔    Positive mood
➔    Peaceful, deep sleep
➔    Sharp memory
➔    Pain-free body without aches or pains
➔    No menopause symptoms
➔    Connection to community
➔    A feeling of belonging
➔    Joy! And so, so, so much more

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So, what can you do? How can you take control of your health to reverse the process of aging so that you can look and feel great, even while the number of candles on your birthday cake continue to climb?

The solution is to start from the inside. 

Aging begins on the inside and reflects on the outside. And this means that it’s often what we don’t see that has the potential to cause us the most painful physical and emotional strife as we get older.

In my 20 years as an acupuncturist and health professional, and 31 years studying the human condition, here are some of my best suggestions to tackling getting older, so that you can prevent the debilitating symptoms of aging:

1. Stop accepting your fate is the same as your parents

It’s really easy to accept that “My parents struggled with weight/sleep/moodiness [insert symptom of aging here], so that means I will struggle too.” But the fact is you are NOT your parents. You have different goals, dreams and options. Plus, since you are reading this I know you are committed to doing what it takes to invest in your health now (even if you aren’t currently struggling), so that you don’t have to face the consequences later. Your fate is solely up to you!

2. How you think matters

Practice curiosity, optimism, appreciation and gratitude. Look through the world with a child's eye (the anti-aging eye) To kids, everything is wondrous and amusing. This mindset is what keeps you young, which is why I always incorporate mindset exercises into my sessions (yes, it’s not just acupuncture!).

3.  Let go of things staying the same or being as they were - look forward

When’s the last time you thought… “I remember when I was feeling amazing, going to the gym five times a week, when I was such-and-such. Oh, the good ole’ days.” The reality is, that was then. This is now. When you look back and idolize a specific time in your life, you stay stuck in the past. Change happens now.
4. Take preventative care of your physical, emotional and spiritual health

One of the greatest deceptions is thinking that because you have health insurance you don’t have to be concerned about your health.. But having insurance doesn’t insure health nor that responsibility is on you. Too often, our health gets put on the back burner until a time of crisis. Preventative care (true anti-aging!) goes back to the solution we talked about above: start from the inside. This means practicing a positive mindset (number 2 above), taking care of your emotional body (energy, awareness) with sessions such as acupuncture, and finally your physical body with treatments such as massage (which I always incorporate into my sessions).

My biggest wish for you is that you seek out this support before the threshold of pain kicks in or becomes much worse. Only with this type of care will the body benefit over time and possible problems from aging will never become problems at all.

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Now it’s time to ask yourself…

How do you want to feel as you get older? Like you are mentally, emotionally and physically aging, or like you simply can’t wait to add another candle to that cake next year?

Whether you are suffering from current aging symptoms, or you are desiring to take control of your health and practice preventative anti-aging a great next step is to schedule a complimentary “Take Charge of Your Health” 30 minute call with me.

During this call we will:

★    determine what your anti-aging and health goals are
★    discuss what’s preventing you from feeling amazing, no matter your age
★    I will provide a recommended plan to address your issues, symptoms and reach your health goals

My schedule is quite booked, but I’ve reserved a few times to provide support to those who are wanting to take charge of their health now. 

To grab one of the limited call times, please email me at to let me know this week and I will send you information to book.

To Your Health!

Tsao-Lin E. Moy