Are You Fighting the Current of Your Health?

The Anatomy of Getting Sick to Getting Healthy!

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It was only a matter of time, working long hours,  not eating right, staying up late , not enough sleep and it has caught up with me! Now stuck in bed, tissue boxes lined up, hot tea, herbs, vitamins, humidifier: fading in and out of consciousness. Forced to rest. Reality has struck like a hammer.  “I’m so sick”. “Please Dear God, let me get better.”

You’ve probably had this experience or maybe feeling it right now, the realization that you now have that bug, flu or virus that has been going around. The headache, then nausea, the weird spaced out feeling like being drunk and jet lagged. At this point you may still be in DENIAL that your body is letting you down.“This has never happened to me before.”

What happens next is a little panic, this is not a good time to get sick! What am I going to do? I have meetings, appointments, schedules, kids’ birthday parties...argh, more stuff to worry about. What to do now?

Often it is the strongest swimmers that drown because they fight the current and don’t realize that they are getting pulled in. Your health is similar in this way.

The problem is that oftentimes when we get sick, we vow to do everything right next time. But we don’t realize that “doing everything right” in the name of health actually means creating a new beginning (not the same one that we were at before we got sick).

As a society, we have a huge mindset shift in the way that we need to view health. Simply feeling better is NOT better health.In fact, if you believe that feeling better means that you are healthy, you may be setting yourself up for chronic illness years from now.

During my 19 years of studying ancient Chinese medicine and helping my clients/patients overcome health challenges, I have found three perspectives on illness to be helpful: 1) Know the health and constitution of the person. This is partly our genes , health history and how we have cultivated our whole health. 2) The strength of the disease, almost no one was spared the plague. Except the strong and healthy. 3) Having an open attitude and willingness to do things differently.

Cultivating health and longevity requires are more than prevention of illness. True health requires discipline, commitment and work. These are the keys to having a greater quality of life, more energy, focus and happiness. This influences the relationships we have with our friends, family, co-workers and community at large.

So, what can you do NOW, beginning today, to practice the commitment to your health so that you can have a greater quality of life?

There is no certainty that you will never get a cold or the flu, but there is a lot you can do to keep your immune system healthy to stay in optimal performance and be ready to recover quickly if those icky bugs come to get you down.

Strengthening your health is best done when you are well and can receive healing ,build strength and reserves. It is an ongoing process of upkeep, like  brushing your teeth and combing your hair.

Here are some questions to answer, so that you can create your own immune strengthening system:

  1. How do you take care of yourself?

  2. What habits do you  have in place for cultivating wellness?

  3. Do you schedule activities that contribute to your wellness, like acupuncture?

  4. What changes are you willing to make so that you get healthy and strong?

P.S. Having a case of a cycle of sickness where you can’t seem to get yourself back to full health? I’d love to help you help yourself! Book an appointment with me .

My biggest wish for you is that you don’t just settle on feeling better, but that you develop a practice that integrates with your entire lifestyle, making health a part of your routine.

I have seen the impact these healthy commitments have made in my own life and my clients’ lives. Now it’s your turn...what will you choose?

To Your Health!