Discover 3 steps to naturally get pregnant now, even if you’ve tried everything!

I see so many women struggling with getting pregnant come to my practice and no matter where they are in their fertility journey there are 3 important steps that help them from being scared and hopeless to getting pregnant and then holding a baby in their arms.

With an 85% success rate I have helped hundreds of women achieve their dream of finally conceiving a child.

I will share these powerful steps with you!

3 Steps that will help you get pregnant naturally no matter where you are in your fertility journey!

3 Steps that will help you get pregnant naturally no matter where you are in your fertility journey!

What you think matters!

  • What you think matters! Mindset around fertility can determine your success or failure. Be mindful of who you talk with about fertility and who you have in your environment. We all know toxic people so screening other peoples comments and "advice" will help you be focused on what you do want. While online support is readily available stop going into chat rooms that are filled with other people’s fears and anxiety. While there may be truth to what they are talking about it is NOT YOUR TRUTH. This is crazy making and causes more stress that will affect your hormones and the quality of your life. You have to replace the fear talk with empowering thoughts that direct your body positively. (I can send you the exercise from my fertility program, send me an email).

Take back your power.

  • Taking back your power means learning about your body and reproductive cycle. most of us learned about “reproduction” around the age of 12 years old and the idea if getting pregnant was the worst thing in the world and something to avoid. So we have learned to fear and mistrust our body's and how NOT to get pregnant. Perhaps we ignored our body by taking pills. It is important to know how our body works and you may already be tracking your cycle, but are getting stressed about it.

What I advise my patients is to think of tracking as a “practice” you do it daily and set a positive intention that what you are doing each and every day moves you closer to holding that baby in your arms.

Learning when you ovulate and how to check and track is important because YOU will know YOU best.

Have a clear vision of what you want.

  • Have a clear vision of what you want baby and all. One exercise in from my program is to make vision a board of what you want so that so that you can move to that goal. You can create it solo or with your partner (sometimes partners have a different idea of what having a kid will look like) Fertility challenges cause major stress to relationships and sometimes couples are not always in agreement of what having a family will look like. This exercise helps bring clarity and manifest your dreams to reality.

These are the first steps to help you get pregnant naturally no matter where you are on your fertility journey! If your desire is to be holding a happy and healthy baby 9 months from now; let's get on a call and we can identify the one thing that may be holding you back.  Call now 917-294-3805