Acupuncture is based on energetic laws and the Taoist principle theory of Yin and Yang, which represents the dynamic balance of opposing and interrelated forces. Within those forces is the movement of energy or life force called “Qi” (chee). Qi is what flows between energy and matter – it is both energy and matter. It is as invisible as air, and as powerful as the wind, yet you can breath it and feel it surround you and course through your body.

Yin and Yang represent the cycle of life, day and night, the changing seasons and the body’s internal rhythms.

Acupuncture stimulates various points on meridians on the body that facilitate the movement of Qi. Qi moves through the body, and meridians are channels where the Qi can be accessed. Stimulating these points helps bring the body into balance (the Yin and Yang within the body).

Illness is a reflection of Yin and Yang being out of balance, or out of right relationship with each other.

When the body is in balance or can bring Yin and Yang in right relationship, health and healing occur. The Western understanding of this would be homeostasis.

“Tòng Zé Bù Tong, Tong Zé B? Tòng”

(“Pain therefore no flow, flow therefore no pain.”)