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Fertility Success through Acupuncture – The Story of 3 Friends. 

Three women contacted Tsao at Integrative Healing Arts looking for fertility support and after about 2-3 months of weekly acupuncture sessions, one by one they each became pregnant. Nine months later: three beautiful baby boys!  Read full story.

Patient Testimonials

My Whole Body Wellness Has Been Much Improved

“Tsao is a confident and gentle practitioner. She’s a pleasure to spend an hour with and my whole body wellness has been much improved since seeing her. I highly recommend Tsao to anyone interested in acupuncture treatments!”

— Kira R., Westchester, NY

Excellent Treatment in a Warm Environment

“Tsao is an incredible acupuncturist and person. Her treatments are unique as she spends time truly learning about your body and mind so it is clearly reflected in your treatments. Tsao has been in my life (and many family and friends) for several years, easing my migraines, decreasing my stress and helping with anxiety. I have come to believe that she is a magician of sorts as she has cured ailments and taken away a lot of my pain. She is also a wonderful listener and has become a good friend, I take great comfort in knowing she is in my life. I would truly recommend her to anyone who wants excellent treatment in a warm environment – it will change your entire well-being.”

— Annie S., East Village, NY

I Know I Avoided Surgery by Going to Tsao

“I have known Tsao for years as I worked along side her doing massage therapy, but I started going to her for acupuncture after a severe car accident in 2001. I know that I avoided surgery by going to her. I have continued going to her for treatment and I will do so for years to come. She have saved me from invasive procedures. Her acupuncture face-lift is amazing as well. I love Tsao.”

— Rachel C., Hells Kitchen, NY

After Every Session I Was So Relaxed and Happy

“A friend referred me to Tsao for help to reduce general stress in my life. Coincidentally, it turns out that another friend had been going to see Tsao for help with stomach problems and also had great results. This was my first experience with acupuncture, and I was absolutely hooked after the first session – Tsao is simply the best! I went to see her nearly every week while I was in New York and I looked forward to my sessions so much because Tsao is one of the nicest and most personable practitioners I’ve ever met – not to mention the fact that after every session I was so relaxed and happy for at least a couple of days… better than five yoga sessions rolled into one! I've heard that people have had bad experiences with acupuncture (painful, needle in the wrong place, etc.) but I never felt anything but deep relaxation during my sessions with Tsao. I recommend her as probably one of the best – if not the absolute best – acupuncturists in all of New York.”

— Dora G., Upper Eastside, NY

Tsao Has My Highest Recommendation

“Shortly after routine surgery, I started to have episodes where I would get a racing heartbeat and tightening in my chest. I’d be sitting at my desk feeling fine, and a minute later my heart would just start beating like crazy. It was very scary, and even worse, none of the doctors could figure out what was wrong! I saw several specialists, including a cardiologist, but none of them diagnosed me. The doctors gave me all kinds of medication and hooked me up to machines, but nothing helped.

The more I was shuffled around to different doctors, the more anxious and frustrated I became. It got so bad that I was scared to get on a plane, and I had to travel for work. I was ready to try anything. A good friend suggested Tsao because she was the only one who helped him when doctors didn't.

Tsao was the first person to ask what was going on in my life. From that one conversation, she pinpointed the cause of my problem in about 5 minutes. Her first treatment completely transformed my body. What’s more, talking to her took away all the stress and anxiety I was feeling. During our session, I didn’t even feel the needles! I didn’t feel a thing except calm and relaxed. After 2 treatments, I was able to get on a plane again.

Tsao is very nurturing, even when you’re just talking to her over the phone. She really takes the time to get to know you and your body when others don’t, and I believe that’s a big reason why she’s so good. With Tsao, it’s all about trust. I trust her completely, and I definitely can’t say that about most of the doctors I’ve seen.

I feel so lucky to have found Tsao. Otherwise, who knows what could have happened? She has my highest recommendation.”

— Jean W., NYC

I’ve Flown Across the Country to See Tsao

“I was working late one night for a client in New York when I had a random muscle spasm. I’d been at my desk one minute, and then the next minute I was lying flat on my back on the floor in excruciating pain. I didn’t want to go to the hospital because I knew they’d keep me waiting for 4 hours, then they’d just give me some drugs that wouldn’t do anything. Somehow I managed to lift myself off the floor (it took 30 minutes) and started ‘pain dialing’ acupuncturists at random. Tsao was the only one who answered. She agreed to see me right away.

It took me about 2 hours to drag myself downstairs and catch a cab to Tsao’s office because I could barely move, let alone walk. Tsao knew exactly where the pain was and how to fix it. By the time she was done with my treatment, I could walk normally again. Two days later, almost all the pain had subsided and my back was as good as new.

Some people are just amazing at what they do, and Tsao is one of them. What I love about Tsao is her compassion, her understanding, and most of all, her skill. I’ve been to other acupuncturists for 10 or 15 sessions and I’ll still feel pain – and don’t get me started on doctors! I’ve seen Tsao for 3 different conditions now, and each time I feel much better, even while I’m still on the table. I keep going back to her because she gets such great results.

I’ve flown across the country to see Tsao, and I’ll gladly do it again. I haven’t found a better acupuncturist anywhere else. She’s just the best thing ever.”

— Conrad R., Los Angeles, CA

The Results from Facial Rejuvenation Surpassed My Expectations!

"I first decided to try facial rejuvenation acupuncture because I had a lot of stress in my life and I realized it had affected my skin, particularly my eyes and mouth. I looked a little droopy and saggy in some areas. I wanted to try something non-invasive to give my face a "boost," and I knew that acupuncture was effective because I had received great results from acupuncture for back pain and nerve problems. I got better sleep and it had relieved my stress.

The results from facial rejuvenation surpassed my expectations! Not only did it address the drooping and sagging, but the treatments also evened my skin tone, improved its elasticity, smoothed the texture, the creases disappeared and I looked 10 years younger! Then, when I saw the radiant beauty program, I immediately recognized the added benefit of the detox because it is very important for the skin as well as the whole body.

The results were that not just my facial skin but my whole body is more toned and radiant. People notice. Perfect strangers have walked up to me and said, "Your skin looks amazing." I recommend this program to anyone who is health conscious, wants to look their best, and wants to be able to look in the mirror and see the reflection of a more youthful version of themselves. This is not artificial beauty."

— Ann R., NYC

The Pain Faded Completely While Tsao Worked Her Magic

“A freak accident while riding a cab one night left me with very bad pain in my neck. Everyone told me to go to the doctor. But I knew they would just give me medication and I wanted something more natural. Luckily, I’d been seeing Tsao for a while at that point, and my appointment was the next day. The pain faded completely while Tsao worked her magic during our session.

I see Tsao every two weeks like clockwork, whether I'm in pain or not because I feel lighter, healthier and more alive after my sessions. There's a level of trust between us that I've never had with any doctor. If I miss a session, I always notice, even weeks later. I always leave my sessions with Tsao knowing that I've taken great care of myself.”

— Janet L., NYC

I Was Stunned at How Quickly I Experienced the Results

“I was having circulation problems, where my hands and feet would go numb. I’d thought about acupuncture, but I was concerned about the needles. So I gave Tsao a call to talk to her about it. She completely put my mind at ease, and not only that, she really listened. (How often does that happen?)

During our first session, I was stunned at how quickly I experienced the results – I could actually feel it working. The whole process was gentle, natural, and for me, the relief was immediate. Now that I see Tsao regularly, my poor circulation is gone.”

— Anne L., NYC

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