Everyone can benefit from acupuncture no matter what lifestyle, but athletes (or simply people who lead active lifestyles) are great candidates for Sports Medicine Acupuncture®. More and more professional teams (and Olympic athletes) in New York are using sports medicine acupuncture for sports performance enhancement, or to treat sports related injuries. Acupuncture facilitates  a speedy recovery from injury, and regular treatments can prevent injuries from happening in the first place. Maintaining physical well being is especially important in a big city like New York where people are constantly on the go; working, walking, biking, running for the train and meeting friends. It’s easy to lead an athletic lifestyle without even trying. Whether you’re a professional athlete in serious training, a weekend warrior or an active person, sports medicine acupuncture can help with:


When leading an active lifestyle, injuries can occur when too much strain is put on your body. For the most part, when this happens, we don’t fully heal the injury in the first place. We keep going, “working through” the pain. Or we treat the problem with conventional medicine. Months or years later, you may still have a “bad knee” or a “bad back” - an old injury that acts up from time to time. Lingering pain is your body telling you that it has not fully healed or that it’s weak.

Even after years of the body trying to adapt and compensate or a chronic injury, leading to muscle imbalance and weakness and reduced performance, acupuncture treatments can relieve pain and increase blood flow to the area. This helps to flush out the lactic acid that is the root cause of pain and stiffness. Acupuncture can address the lingering 20-25% of an injury that has not fully healed, restoring the structural efficiency of the body.

Increasing range of motion and improving strength

Acupuncture can activate the muscle by stimulating the proprioceptive reflexes (the communication of nerve fibers with the muscles). Improving the nerve to muscle response leads to better coordination and muscle strength; this translates to enhanced performance.

Increase blood flow and improve circulation

Even the most active individuals in New York in this modern age often spend 8-plus hours per day sitting in front of a computer, reducing the circulation and blood flow in the body.

Sitting for long periods of time shortens muscles and starves the body of nutrient and oxygen-rich blood. Acupuncture works by helping to increase blood and lymph flow to the body and muscle tissue, relieving the symptoms created by modern life and reducing risk of injury when you do hit the gym after work.


Overdid it at the gym? Lingering muscle pain? Want to take your training to the next level? 

Acupuncture helps to clean up tissue-damaging free radicals and stimulates the autonomic nervous system, enabling the body to enter deep relaxation and a natural “healing state”. In this state the body produces growth hormone for muscle and tissue repair. Acupuncture provides a full-body "reset" so that you can train more effectively and without injury.

Stress relief

While everyone experiences some level of stress; excessive stress can be damaging physically and psychologically. For athletes, loss of focus and drive can lead to injury. Acupuncture relieves stress by enhancing mind-body awareness and facilitating complete relaxation and rejuvenation. Mind-body awareness helps you to achieve personal and professional success and for serious competitors, can be the difference between an amateur and professional athlete.