How do I become more fertile?

Fertility preservation is one of the most important areas of health you need to focus on now ready or not.

If you are reading this you maybe at the beginning of your fertility journey, about to start or looking for some answers about how fertile you are. Perhaps you are planning to come off birth control, and want to conceive in the next year. So many young women are looking to extend fertility by egg freezing. Some women are saddled with the reality of finding out their egg reserve (AMH) is low and are going through early menopause.

The fact is no matter what your personal timeline is for getting pregnant and having a baby it is NEVER to early to take steps to improve your fertility. With regard to becoming more fertile … what steps you take now will impact your overall health and success later on.

For so many young women having a baby is so far off in the future fertility health is not even on the radar. Symptoms for conditions such as polycystic ovary syndrome often are present in teens, but go unnoticed or covered by prescribing hormonal birth control! Both men and women don’t really consider their fertility as something connected to their health and their future reproductive success; awareness only comes up when they are “trying to conceive”.

Companies like Facebook have taken note of the need to offer benefits such as egg freezing as part of their fertility benefits policy and as an employee retention strategy

Many young single women starting look into options for extending fertility are often shocked to find out they are not as fertility as they thought. Extending fertility has come to the forefront in the news with new fertility services such as egg freezing or embryo freezing, as celebrities such as Anne Hathaway and Beyonce shared they struggled with getting pregnant. What is most important is egg quality over than quantity when it comes to fertility success.

It’s important to think about your fertility health early on and take steps that naturally will enhance your fertility.

It’s important to think about your fertility health early on and take steps that naturally will enhance your fertility.

According to a recent article in the Health section of the NYTimes paternal health plays a major role in the health of not just the child but the pregnancy. “ the need for everyone of reproductive age — future fathers and mothers alike — to adopt healthy lifestyles that can “pay off in a number of ways, not just in having a healthy pregnancy but also in preventing chronic disease”. (