Ancient Secret Wisdom
Broadcast weekly on Tribeca radio, Ancient Secret Wisdom is an internet radio show about the ancient healing arts and wisdom of East Asia. Each show is a journey into the wisdom of Chinese medicine exploring how it can help you discover your optimal state of well being. For broadcasting times go to: Listen to some of the previous shows:

Adrenal Exhaustion
Healthy Lifestyles radio show: Many people have no idea that the underlying causes of anxiety and stress as well as other illness comes from adrenal exhaustion.

Healthy Lifestyles radio show: Why are allergies more prevalent than today than ever before? What you can do strengthen your immune system.

Ancient Secret Wisdom – Intro
Intro to Chinese medicine and its various branches.

Ancient Secret Wisdom – Qi Gong
Guest Marshall Wood, L.Ac., MSOM; Martial arts practitioner of Bagua discusses the internal forms of martial arts and its role in Chinese medicine.

Ancient Secret Wisdom – Chinese Herbal Medicine
Guest Thomas Leung R.Ph, L.Ac., 3rd generation Herbalist ;has the oldest Chinese herbal pharmacy in New York discusses role of Chinese herbs and Western pharmaceuticals.

Ancient Secret Wisdom – Fertility
Guest Meg Richichi L.Ac., Fertility specialist and Wellness consultant discusses the role of Chinese medicine and its success for women and men trying to have a baby.

Ancient Secret Wisdom – Facial Rejuvenation
Guest Virginia Doran L.Ac., credited as bringing the secrets of Facial Rejuvenation to the West. The benefits of this ancient technique of a non-surgical facelift is discussed.