Massage Therapy is a healing technique that works by reducing stress and stimulating the body’s self-healing abilities. It increases circulation and blood flow, relieving pain, fatigue and irritability. As long time students of the art — and New York State licensed Massage Therapists — we draw upon the wisdom of many cultures and disciplines to offer a range of options, which vary widely in their specific qualities and application. These include Shiatsu and Swedish massage, the gentle Anma technique, which is also diagnostically helpful and the Chinese Tuina discipline, which martial arts practitioners rely upon to treat injury and pain.  For more information about massage therapy, acupuncture, and more, contact our New York clinic.

Massage Techniques

Anma Gentle pressure and circular motions along meridians and acupressure points, releasing tension. Anma can also be used as a diagnostic treatment to determine which meridians and acupuncture points should be needled.

Sotai ho A Japanese form of physical therapy and bone structure adjustment. It is neuromuscular re-education through breathing and movements, untwisting muscular holding patterns. This balances the nervous and muscular systems. Sotai ho literally means “work (or manipulate) body way (or method).”

Tuina Chinese massage that literally translates as “push press”. It is considered a form of “bone setting” because as the soft tissues are manipulated the tension around the joints is able to relax, enabling the “bones” to “set”. Many types of pain is muscles imbalances and tendonous attachments around the joints. Many martial artists practice Tuina because it is effective in treating pain and the effects of traumatic injury.