Acupuncture & Herbs

Initial session $240 (this includes a thorough intake process) Follow-up treatments $180 Acupuncture sessions can include an herbal consultation at no extra charge. *Integrated treatments that combine massage have an additional fee.

Sports Medicine Acupuncture®

Initial session $390(this includes a thorough intake and structural/functional assessment) Follow-up treatments $240-$390

Fertility Acupuncture

Initial session $395 (this includes a thorough intake and assessment for fertility action plan) Follow-up treatments: we offer several programs for maximum benefit. 

The Fertility Goddess - Essentials for Success 6 month intensive program

"Helping women that struggle with getting pregnant optimize their fertility without the use of expensive invasive procedures or harsh chemicals so they can conceive in 6 months of less."

This program is for you:

  • If you are struggling with getting pregnant
  • You’ve tried other types of reproductive therapy, including IUI, IVF or taking clomid without success (or with miserable side effects and worsening hormonal symptoms or you’re in the process of undergoing these treatments and would like additional support.
  • Have been on birth control for many years and would like to
  • You are serious and committed to treating underlying health issues and transforming for the sake of reclaiming your fertility.
  • If you have had success getting pregnant but have difficulty holding the pregnancy
  • You are over 35 and trying to get pregnant
  • You are planning on “trying” to get pregnant in the next 6-12 months and a natural approach to conception and pregnancy intuitively makes sense to you.

If you want expertise, guidance, support and personal attention that addresses your underlying health issues naturally so you can conceive in 6 months or less.

Call to set up a consult 917-294-3805 or email

IVF intensive (6 weeks)

IVF intensive program is designed to get you in the best possible health for your retrieval and transfer and post transfer. Acupuncture sessions twice a week, focused on relieve stress, optimizing your fertility to support you through IVF. Treatment before and after transfer, then once a week for two weeks.The package is ten sessions to be used by one person over 6 weeks.

Facial Rejuvenation

Initial sessions $375 (this includes a thorough intake, consultation and treatment) Facial rejuvenation treatments are done as part of a series; single sessions are available after a series has been completed)

Follow-up treatments $295 (single session post series)

NEW! Acupuncture Detox and Water metabolism session - $275 (Includes lymph massage with essential oils)

NEW! Radiant Beauty package - 30 day program

4 Facial rejuvenation sessions, 1 Acupuncture Detox and water metabolism session Valued at $1535, pay in full $1397

NEW! Detox and Weight loss package - 6 week program

6 weekly sessions designed to clear out the toxins that age us and make us fat! Get your metabolism up and running so you can get healthy and fit. Have more energy, feel and look great! Support and guidance for regulating your metabolism. Valued at $1,650, pay in full $1,497

Massage Therapy

$180 per session

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24- Hour Cancellation Policy

Giving 24-hours notice allows time to fill appointments from the waiting list of patients needing an appointment, the full fee will be charged for appointments cancelled or rescheduled with less than 24-hours.


Read more about coverage for acupuncture under Insurance in the FAQ pages.


Our practice is open for sessions: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. (By appointment)

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